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So you are probably wondering, ?Now, How does a person get rank around here?? The Marauders ranking system is based on merits. The number of merits you have is classified to the Commander rank and above. Everyone starts out with a certain amount and when you gain enough merits, you can gain a rank.

NOTICE Gaining enough merits, does NOT mean you will get a promotion. The biggest criteria for gaining rank is role-playing, if you don't do it, you'll not gain much rank in the kingdom. NOTICE

NOTICE The Highlord reserves the right to promote and demote without reason, explanation, or considering merits. NOTICE

Next is a listing of examples that can get you merits:

Talent - The Highlord reserves the right to exploit talent anywhere he sees it. If you show promise you can go from a no rank to captain in a day. Talent is the main thing that is looked at when deciding Commanders, and is also helpful when getting a Generalship.

Role-Playing - You should be doing this anyway, but if you do it well and consistently you can gain some merits. Of course, you are not required to role-play, but without it at all, you won't be gaining much rank beyond Veteran.

Donating - Donating beyond the weekly tax on the battalions can get you some merits. Trying to buy your way into a higher rank is very expensive, but it can be done.

Recruiting - Gives some merits for being a very good person at finding people to recruit, again its not something you want to put all your efforts since it doesn't give loads of merits.

Participation - Participating in the Marauders and generally getting involved is a big plus when merits are given out.

Aiding Commanders - The Commanders are busy, if they ask you to do a job, and you do it well, you can expect to get a few merits.

Initiative - Big plus in my book, finding something that needs doing and doing it without being told is seen paralleling talent, and is rewarded generously.

And plenty more - There is plenty of other things that can get you a merit. If you do something merit worthy, don't worry you'll probably get one.

And now for things that can get you Demerits:

Lying ? We don't appreciate it and don't care for it. Lie to someone higher in rank and either be prepared to remove them from power or get punished.

Complaining - Something else we can do without. Again punishable if you excessively whine and complain. The Highlord won't give demerits for saying that you don't like the way something is done, but if you constantly complain and don't offer any solutions to the problem you will be given a demerit or two.

Publicizing - The Marauders are a PRIVATE organization. Bring our private concerns to outsiders (especially in a note) and you will be in deep trouble.

Channels - The Kingdom Channel is for role-playing, not OOCing. We don't mind a little OOC, but do not hold an entire conversation on the Kingdom Channel about OOC stuff. If you want a conversation, go to an unused room and talk there, otherwise use tells.

Not following the rules - Very bad.

Disobeying the Highlord - This is the highest offense in the Marauders. In most cases it is grounds for dismissal.

Over all crap - You know the no no's, don't do 'em. Most times you'll get a warning for the first offense, but don't think you'll get away with a warning the second time around, especially for some of the stuff up above.

-Shalyre Tra'nar