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Oge, a devout follower of Raije, received a message from his god. The god of war had been very displeased with the lack of war within the world and wished a group that would instigate more of what he thrived off of. Oge, ever ready to please, and seeing a means to his own ambitions eagerly complied with his god and set about the task. Finding the strongest and most ambitious men in the world, Oge created the Marauders. Of those that he found, five pleased his god enough that they were distinguished as generals. They were ArchMagus Hammurabi, Admiral Chronus, General Krothgar, General Bosik, and Executioner Flik. Oge, at the urging of his generals, divided the Marauders into battalions, placing each general as head of the battalion that they best understood. Hammurabi, the ArchMagus, was given command of the mystical forces of the Marauders. Chronus was given a fleet to control, and Executioner Flik took command of the espionage faction of the Marauders. The remaining generals took command of the regular armies, Bosik with the Infantry, Krothgar with the Calvary, and Oge took command of his knights. Highlord Oge, as if with a strange power, found backers from some of the most influential and riches people in the lands. With his growing cash supply he organized a full-scale recruitment of armies, creating one of the largest forces seen in the history of Algoron.

Of all his generals, only one came from the court of another kingdom. Chronus, once heir to King Terri of Shalonesti, came willingly from the court of his former liege. Chronus, believing he should have already ascending to the throne of Shalonesti, supplied Oge with the information he needed to launch his first invasion. The battle was quick and fierce, and in the end the Marauders, superior in skill and numbers, quickly defeated the kingdom and subjugated its people. The conquest over Shalonesti was the explosion that awoke the kingdoms of the Marauders power. Several kingdoms and private groups began to form an alliance with the purpose of ridding the world of the Marauders. Highlord Oge was unconcerned with the rumors of opposition, knowing full well that only a full alliance of all the kingdoms would have a chance of defeating the armies he had amassed with the help of his backer's money.

Oge, paranoid and suspicious, kept the information of troop locations and sizes, as well as treasury amounts a secret even from his second in command, Krothgar. The generals were displeased at not being privy to this information, but would not do anything so long as it was Raise's wish that Oge remain in charge. Also the fact that the armies of the Marauders were fanatically loyal to Oge for his generous wages, convinced the generals to bide their time.

After several weeks, and Shalonesti no longer much amusement for the Marauders, Oge realized that he needed to find another target to appease his men. While debating with his war council on who to attack, Oge received a message directly involving New Thalos in the heart of the alliance against him. The news decided the matter for Oge, and he informed his generals to begin to move the forces toward the city. A much greater challenge than Shalonesti, it took the Marauders several days to finally destroy the armies of the city. The sacking of New Thalos sent a shock wave through the resistance movement, halting their plans to the point of nearly giving up. Oge, seeing the opportunity to take over the weak city of Althainia, gathered his armies ripe from the battlefield of New Thalos and moved on toward Althainia. Althainia, having no leader other than a lowly mayor, was petrified at the sight of the Marauder army before its gates. The mayor, knowing that he could not withstand the massive army, gave up without a fight, handing the city over to the Highlord. Oge, finally gaining his true goal, stopped the tidal wave of his armies at the gates of Althainia.

Days after the defeat of the city of Althainia, Oge received another message from his god. Raije, displeased with the efforts of the weakling group of Austinian, ordered Oge to make an example of them and ordered him to capture the Druid, Christine. Oge, knowing of the history between his Archmagus and the druid, ordered Hammurabi to ensare her for the Marauders. Hammurabi was torn between past loyalties to his friends and new loyalties to Oge. In the end he agreed to capture her after he found out that Medwyn, her brother, had knowingly betrayed him. While Hammurabi held her within the spirit realm, Medwyn, by chance found out where they were and came to her rescue, becoming ensared himself as the result. Oge, not needing the ranger, quickly removed his head. Christine was released days later when an arise by Tuefry trapped several of the marauders and exchanged their lives for hers.

At this time Hammurabi left the Marauders to search for knowledge and peace of mind, during his time away Oge decided to form an Empire from the kingdoms that he had defeated. Leaving the Marauders with only the warning that they were not to harass his empire he passed the leadership to Krothgar. With the ascendancy of Krothgar came the troubled times for the Marauders. The generals fought amongst themselves for the office of Highlord. None keeping it longer than a few days. Krothgar lost it to an uprising from Flik. Flik, being tricked into kidnapping King Terri by his friend Metrox, fled the Marauders when they revolted on him for almost causing Oge to attack them. As Metrox took up the mantle of Highlord, Hammurabi returned from his journeys. Astonished at seeing the disarray that the Marauders had deteriorated to, Hammurabi held a secret council with the assassin, Punji. Punji, hiding in the shadows, had learned of how Metrox tricked Flik, and told Hammurabi of it. Hammurabi, using the information, forced Metrox to flee the Marauders or die.

When Hammurabi took over as Highlord he found the organization in total disarray. Oge had ruled the Marauders through his money and threat of destroying any whom went against him, thus the Marauders were not well organized. The treasury was depleted, and nearly all the troops deserted. Taking what was left of the Marauders in his grasp, Hammurabi worked to return it to its former glory. He destroyed the old ways rules and ranking system that Oge had, and created new ones from scratch. Exploiting the talents of those who supported him, Hammurabi spent months with the Marauders, forming them into his own force. With the return of a strong leader after the times of disarray, several of the deserters returned, and many more new recruits were found, making the Marauders larger and stronger than anything that Oge had put together. The Marauders now have again begun their plans for the conquest of the kingdoms.

First target of the newly refreshed Marauders, was the city of Arkane. Arkane, days before, had been conquered by Verminasia and the city in disarray. A volley of fire arrows loosed at the Verminasian troops, then silence. The silence continued until Punji scaled the walls of the city and saw a near deserted city, the Verminasians mounting a full retreat to their home at the order of Queen Finnadria. Next target of the Marauders was Balifore, Marauder archers and mages burning the forest as the army advanced on the kender city. The battle brief and bloody, the kender defeated. Another battle in Arkane, countless Verminasian troops burned in their mad rush on the city, the front of their attack quickly butchered, the rear forced to wait for the fires to die down. The Verminasian army then charges in, a bloody battle, many losses for both sides, HighLord Hammurabi falling to the blade of Asia as the Verminasians were driven from the city. Punji, Dramyr and Archemetes taking over from the fallen HighLord. The retreat of the Verminasians drawn out with constant hit and run attacks from both sides. Queen Finnadria and King Arakayd both die in mysterious circumstances soon after.

Across the ocean, Althainia was being over-run by an army of goblins coming from the sewers. The gods did not like this at all, and all armies in the entire world were turned to stone, the Marauder army frozen outside Verminasia. The triumverate of Dramyr, Punji and Archmetes was starting to fail, Archemetes retired from office. Soon after, the Althainian Queen, Lexi, was kidnapped and tortured by Marauders. Althainia was undoubtedly furious, and succeeded in converting senior Marauders in the Blade batallion, Diogenes and Diamante. They attempted to free Lexi, and she was executed in the ensuing fighting, HighLord Dramyr felled to Diamante's blade, then Diamante and Diogenes fleeing the Marauders. HighLord Punji assuming sole control of the Marauders.

Punji's Rein.

Punji's rein was a fruitful one, the Marauders building up in this time of peace. The weakened Verminasia, after many brief leaders leaving the city poorer each time, was annexed by the Marauders, Arkane and Balifore held under military control.

Aversia was formed.

The Marauders as the sole military force on the continent, with the dark city of Verminasia dealing with diplomatic matters and minor matters with the cities of Arkane and Balifore. War becoming a distant memory.

The Balifore leader, Phrodo, a traitor to the empire was captured and publicly executed in Verminasia's guilotine square by the yinn crusader, and Marauder Executioner, Fehrr D'nlar, for planning to rebel against Aversia. To try ensure such things wouldn't happen again, Whsper and Tamrinith were transfered to Arkane and Balifore respectively to watch over the cities, and make sure they were properly subdued and controlled.

Korinne, another Althainian, was kidnapped. She was held and tortured by Brox, Sorelk and several other Marauders. Her right eye removed during the torture and her death planned and set up, then she disappeared, the execution aborted. Brox, the then Admiral, left the Marauders soon after.

HighLord Punji, feared to be poisoned, had his health dwindle. Executioner Fehrr and Enforcer Trigoc watched over him as his health faded. Time claimed the life of Punji Ra El-shinni. Executioner Fehrr and Enforcer Trigoc leaving the Marauders and retired to Verminasia.

Thus began the rule of HighLord Solestri.

Mito MoonSlayer replacing Whsper in watching over Arkane, Tamrinith siding with the kender more and more.. Verminasia becoming more and more disturbed.

The gods then deemed much wealth to be ill-got, and destroyed all armies and jeweled eggs in Algoron. The entire Marauder army obliterated in an instant, along with the entire of the Marauder funds, every other army in the world, and every jeweled egg in the world. Chaos rained supreme across the lands, and rebuilding resumed.

Mito shortly assuming control of the city in its on-going chaos.. Leader after leader coming and going. Mito assuming the unlawful title of 'King' by manipulating the leaders of Verminasia, who were also quite unsettled and often changing.

The constant rebellions in Arkane commenced, Mito quickly un-seated as leader, his capture impossible by him fleeing the lands constantly, and then was driven from the continent. Gods thwarted every attempt to subdue Arkane. Verminasia declaring they were no-longer annexed, and ending the alliance. Arkane's rebellion allowed to continue, with no way to punish those rebelling.

Suli Le'taem from Shalonesti was placed in control of Arkane in an attempt to find a 3rd party to subdue the city. This was short lived, Arkane's citizens actions clearly deranged, hating people who even tried to help them. Suli returned to the for Vallenwoods.

Rhyanna Silverwolfe, an Arkane citizen, took control and attempted to again settle the city. Much the same happened, with people quickly hating her too for trying to save Arkane from ruin, but she persevered.

An attack from the forest east of Arkane soon occured, with the sons of liberty attempting to free Arkane and sparking more rebellion attempts. Ending with the sons of liberty being butchered by the Marauder army.

Arkane fell quiet once more.

Rumours of a new war finally came true, but many new empires to contend with sprung up all around the continent, spreading the new Marauder army thinly in some places.

Balifore, taking advantage of this, with the help of many elves came on shore in the dead of night. Sneaking up on the Marauder troops on post in Balifore at the time and ambushing them. The kenders with the help of their elven friends slaughtered the Marauder troops. They spared one Sergeant, sending him home to tell HighLord Solestri that they were free once again.

Highlord Solestri, disgusted at the gods, retired, placing Enforcer Teilk into control of the Marauders.

-Shalyre Tra'nar