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The Code of Hammurabi

Rule One - The most important rule which supersedes all others. Always obey your leaders, especially the Highlord.

Rule Two - The Highlord has the right to exploit any Marauders in any way he sees fit.

Rule Three - Kingdom Channel. The Kingdom Channel is to be left on at all times. This is for two reasons. First so that you know what's going on within the Marauders. Second, so that you can be reached by your fellow Marauders with relative ease.

Rule Four - Lying. Never do it to a superior. Better yet, don't do it at all.

Rule Five - Never publicize private Marauder concerns outside the Marauders.

Rule Six - Don't engage in hostile activities with leaders of another kingdom unless we are already at war with them.

Rule Seven - Drunkenness. Don't speak at all on the Kingdom Channel if you're drunk, its annoying as hell.

Rule Eight - Languages. Since the Highlord generally speaks common, it is the language of the marauders. Hence, do not address the Highlord, or speak on the kingdom channel in any language other than common.

Rule Nine - Insults. Do not do it to a superior. People of your own rank or below, however, are open game for insults as long as you do not take it to far.

Rule Ten - Never show dissension in the ranks to outsiders.

Rule Eleven - Have Fun.

Rule Twelve - Anything else that I have said, or will say, in notes, on kingdom or in tells that sounded like a rule is one.

Rule Thirteen - Do not announce the presence of an officer before they announce it themself. They might be silent for a reason.

Rule Fourteen - Detection. Invisiblity, sneaking, non-detection, or any form of sight preventing spell or skill must be deactivated if asked by anyone.

Rule Fifteen - OOC kingdom. Do not ask for directions, or for help on oking. Use the kingdom channel for all IC matters. Do not use kingdom for OOC matters.

Written by HighLord Hammurabi. Revised by HighLord Solestri. Enforced by HighLord Teilk.

-Shalyre Tra'nar